Bobo's Kids Club

Bobo’s Kids Club

Become friends with Bobo the penguin on the piste

When Bobo the penguin, with his bright yellow beak, appears on the piste, he is always very quickly cuddled by the children.  Bobo is really happy with this because children are his best friends. And skiing kids is the best for Bobo, as he also loves to ski. And, of course, Bobo learned, using many fun games and activities, with our ski instructors.  He has so much fun, you will see him quite often on our practice area and at our ski races. Sometimes he falls, but swiftly gets up and carries on.  Here you can see what Bobo can do and what you can learn.


The 10 steps to skiing


In a playful environment the MINIS learn all about snow, how to use the unfamiliar equipment to move about in the snow, and how to safely head downhill.

Step ONE

In Step ONE, the children learn to brake in snow (safe snowplough). The first major obstacle is overcome.

Step TWO

In Step TWO, the children perfect the snowplough and learn the snowplough turn. They also learn how to use ski lifts properly - meaning nothing stands between them and the first big downhill run.


In Step THREE, the children learn the interplay between the large and small plough, that is, how to switch between fast and slow skiing. In the process they also do a safe snowplough turn in medium-steep terrain.


In Step FOUR, they learn the stem turn, i.e. the skis are together after each turn and a parallel turn is not far off.


In Step FIVE, children learn to bring the skis parallel while turning (closing together in the trajectory). The skis are closed together earlier and earlier, and they will almost have managed their first parallel turn.

Step SIX

In Step SIX, the children learn the parallel turn and how to use ski poles, and of course, how to control their speed.


In Step SEVEN, the children learn to do parallel turns on moderately steep terrain, and start learning the short turn.


In Step EIGHT they learn to do carve turns, i.e. on the edge of the skis, without sliding.


Children in Step NINE learn to perfect short turns and practise on steep terrain.

Step TEN

In Step TEN, the children bring together all the techniques they have learned, and do special practice in deep snow and on the mogul slope.


Ski School Tritscher has what it takes – Bobo guarantees quality

  • Learning methods, specially created for children’s fun skiing.
  • Top qualified ski instructors – friendly and creative in their approach to children.
  • Special courses at high standards for our ski instructors
  • Child friendly ski area
  • Ski School Tritscher has its own practice area, and
  • XXL and XL moving carpets, drag lifts, large Tipi, roundabout, ski carousel, race area, snow canons…
  • Standardised name badges and Bobo’s safety vests – easily visible and recogniseable
  • Great Bobo safety vests to take with you
  • End of course Race Day – with great gifts for all the children

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