Fequently asked questions


Which Ski model should I rent and what happens if I don’t get on with them?

Our staff will advise you well, taking special consideration of your needs and wishes. We are convinced that our recommendation of performance models is the best, because they even provide beginners with the best comfort and skiing fun is guaranteed. 

If you do not get on with any model, we will gladly change it so you can try another.


I would like to travel unburdened in my holiday and plan ahead what I spend my money on. Can I book my skis online?

Yes, that is possible.  With our online booking process, you can secure great reductions, save yourself time when you arrive, and pay easily with your credit card or direct money transfer from home.


How old is the equipment I will be renting?

We always offer the latest models from this year for rental.  In addition, our rental skis and snowboards will be serviced after every use, regardless of how long or short they were rented for. So, you always start with the best and latest models with the best possible service.


I do not want to drag my skis to the hotel every day. What can I do?

You can leave your skis or snowboard at one of our 4 depositing locations, and simply collect them from there the next day.


What happens if my rental skies get damaged or are stolen?

We offer you the possibility of insuring your rental skis at very attractive rates.