Inhouse wellness areaRelax in our attractive sauna world


Relax properly in the in-house sauna area

Do you feel the need to relax after skiing or hiking? Wellness is the magic word and promises not only total relaxation, but also vitality and physical well-being.

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Sauna, steam bath and solarium

The floor lift takes you down to our own wellness area, where a sauna, herbal steam bath, solarium, experience shower and the relaxation room ensure perfect relaxation.

Did you know?
A major benefit of sauna bathing is that it strengthens the immune system. Sauna sessions help produce white blood cells, which help the body in its fight against atacking infections and ailments. Regular sauna bathers show a higher count of white blood cells, helping them stay healthier and heal faster from illness.

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Would you like a massage? At our reception desk we are happy to organize a massage for you according to your wishes.

The classic massage is a perfect tool to relax and get your body muscles back in shape, increase your stamina and vitality.