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High Tech!  ...the new WINTERSTEIGER Discovery SSF

Service machines from Wintersteiger together with experienced and qualified service staff from Tritscher provide the optimal edge and base finish for you ski and snowboards.

  • AUTOMATIC PRE GRINDING MODULE with pneumatically controlled ski centering enable perfect true linear structures.
  • INNOVATION PURE - New Racing Software for 200 pre programmed structures.
  • LEADING QUALITY - Edge grinding with Ceramic Disc Finish for 1/1000 mm exact edges.

  • Exact Edge Geometry
  • Exact grinding angle over the entire length of the ski/snowboard
  • Fine, smooth edge surface
  • Easier turns
  • More grip on harder snow and ice
  • Edges stay longer sharp
  • Easy effective carving

Carving means turning on the edges. That is why it is especially important that the edges are correctly tuned. Through the exact grinding results of the Ceramic Disc Finish we guarantee the skier optimal skiing enjoyment.

If it is waxing, edge grinding or base repairs that you need the quality is guaranteed!


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